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Primitive Pursuits  leads year-round outdoor  programs for youth and adults in Ithaca NY.  As a partner organization of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County we are an educational not for profit organization.

An Enduring Mission: For nearly 15 years Primitive Pursuits has worked to steward the health of our community by fostering life-long relationships with the natural world through exceptional mentoring and nature education.

A Focused Vision: We work daily to achieve a cultural intervention that will bring back into our modern lives a necessary and healthy relationship with the natural world and our human communities.

We Envision a world where each child may once again grow up with the freedom to explore undeveloped nature and access to the knowledge which allow them to care for themselves, their communities and the environment.

What makes a good sit spot?

According to the Wilderness Awareness School, “There are 2 basic requirements that every sit spot should have 1) It needs to be close to your house and 2) you need to feel safe while there. It is ideal for it to be wild, have a water source, be abundant with wildlife, have a view, and [...]

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