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What’s a Sit Spot?

If you already know what a “Sit Spot” is, skip to reading about the 30-Day Sit Spot Challenge.

According to the Wilderness Awareness School, “There are 2 basic requirements that every sit spot should have 1) It needs to be close to your house and 2) you need to feel safe while there. It is ideal for it to be wild, have a water source, be abundant with wildlife, have a view, and a whole slew of other things. While those are nice to have, they are not essential. The best sit spot is one that you go to!

Find one place in your natural world that you will visit all the time and get to know it as your best friend. Let this be a place where you learn to sit still – alone, often, and quietly — as well as playfully explore beyond. This will become your place of intimate connection with nature.”

The Best Teacher is One Place
by Jon Young

People who know me well have heard me give this same answer to many different questions – not because I am losing my train of thought, contrary to what some might say, but because there is truly only one good answer to the many questions about the deep learning of naturalist skills. The foundation is the same for all:

- What makes a great naturalist?
- What makes a great tracker?
- How did they become “natives”?
- How did they become good teachers?
- How did they become good storytellers?
- How can we become great outdoor instructors?
- How can we learn to understand the language of the birds?

In one way or another, my answer always contains something of the following:

Find one place you can get to know really, really well. This is the most important routine you can develop. Know it by day; know it by night; know it in the rain and in the snow, in the depth of winter and in the heat of summer. Know the stars and where the four directions are there; know the birds that live there, know the trees they live in. Get to know these things as if they were your relatives, for, in time, you will come to know that they are! That is the most important thing you can do in order to excel at any skill in nature. Nature and your own heart are the best teachers, but your body, mind and spirit all have to attend the class, and do the homework. There is no replacement for this experience!

One of the most critical elements in the routine of visiting a single place and getting to know one area well is really just taking the time to listen to the wind, to check in with your heart – that is, your feelings – and allow yourself to just be.

From Kamana 1: Exploring Natural Mystery by Jon Young, page 98.

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