Take a stand & have a seat!

What will you “get” from the challenge?

The 30-Day Sit Spot Challenge is a powerful way for you to connect with the natural world through one spot in nature. The Sit Spot is the core routine of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program. You do not have to be a Kamana student or a student of Primitive Pursuits to participate. Anyone can take the challenge!

What is the challenge?
In a world where we travel through the landscape in metal boxes at 60 mph and schedule our days by the minute, carving out time to connect with nature does not come so naturally. The experiences we can gain by doing so are priceless, but the simple act of giving ourselves this time often takes a great deal of willpower. Thank you for considering joining us on this simple but powerful challenge.

By visiting your Sit Spot for 20 minutes or more daily you will come to understand the natural world in ways that are hard to describe. Your Sit Spot is a restful place in the outdoors, away from the traffic of other people’s lives, where you can observe the ever unfolding stories of nature all around you. You’ll gain insights into yourself and the richness of the natural world and all the while you will know that you are supporting Primitive Pursuits on our greater challenge – sharing the power of nature connection with each new generation.

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